Abortion Double Standard On Full Display in Richmond

It’s no surprise to any pro-life Virginian that there is a double standard when it comes to the issue of abortion and what can be said publicly about the procedure.  The abortion industry and its apologists in the legislature and the media can contradict themselves on the issue over and over again with absolutely no consequence.  But should a pro-life advocate let slip even the simplest truth, you can count on hysterical criticism from every corner of the liberal elite. While the abortion industry can at the same time argue that abortion is the most common surgery in American and imply that its really no big deal (remember Planned Parenthood's promotional t-shirt “I had an abortion”?), it also argues that any pro-life law is a terrible imposition on vulnerable women in the midst of a wrenching decision.  At once they argue that women are empowered by their ability to choose abortion while at the same time they argue such a decision is outside the jurisdiction of government.  They claim providing women information about the procedure (i.e. informed consent, ultrasound) is an invasion of privacy and criticize anyone who maintains the decision might have profound emotional and physical effects for years to come, chastising every pro-life bill as interfering with a woman's most difficult decision, while at the same time minimizing that decision by claiming the procedure is more widespread than any other surgery.

But pro-life advocates dare not share even the most obvious, yet uncomfortable, of truths.

A case in point took place yesterday in Richmond.

During debate over the ultrasound bill on the House floor, Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-15, Woodstock) stood to defend the proposal.  A strong pro-life advocate, Gilbert stated what most people recognize, that for too many, abortion is little more than a “lifestyle convenience.”  Considering that the abortion industry itself claims that 3 out of 4 women will have an abortion, that statistics indicate a surprising number of women have multiple abortions, and that over 95 percent of abortions are done simply for family planning reasons, it would seem that Delegate Gilbert's comments ring true for at least some percentage of abortions.

Obviously, for many women, abortion is a horrific and tragic decision with consequences that last a lifetime, but there is simply no way to deny that for some, abortion is nothing more than exactly what Delegate Gilbert said it is.

The response to his statement from the abortion industry and its apologists was, of course, swift and hysterical.  Let's face it, the double standard does not allow even the slightest bit of truth to be uttered in this debate.  There is only one acceptable position – you must support abortion “rights,” and ignore every other aspect of the issue.  Delegate Gilbert crossed that forbidden line.  He has, of course, apologized for his statement, and because of the double standard that exists, he did so rightfully.

But this is yet another lesson in reality for all of us who are pro-life.  There is no truth regarding abortion that is acceptable in the “mainstream” media or to the abortion industry.  Toe the line, or pay the consequences.  We applaud Delegate Gilbert for both his honest and passionate advocacy for the life of the unborn during yesterday's debate, and for his apology for those women who have indeed suffered from their decision.   But at what point will the abortion industry be held to the same standard?

I know I won't be holding my breath.