Legislators Need to Hear Your Thanks

In November’s elections, Virginians increased the number of conservatives in the General Assembly, many voters believing that this would lead to a friendlier environment for business, education reform and the unborn.  Thus far this year, that has indeed been the case, as several of The Family Foundation’s legislative priorities have passed their originating chamber of the legislature.  Contact your legislator to thank them today - they need to hear from you. This shift in philosophy in Richmond was not going to happen quietly.  Liberals who had spent a decade obstructing common sense legislation are not sitting idly by.  However, the pitch and tone of the opponent rhetoric is what is surprising.  Not content with their normal misleading statements, liberals in both the House and Senate are making preposterous claims.  One example of this – Senator Ralph Northam (D-6, Virginia Beach), a medical doctor, claimed that a woman might become so emotionally traumatized over an offer to view an ultrasound image that she might consider suicide!  Unfortunately, the hysterical ranting from liberals is being carried unchallenged in too many media outlets.

Today was no exception, as a crowd lined up outside the Capitol to “silently” protest the “assault on women’s rights” that they claim is taking place this year, one Democrat in the House made the hysterical claim that we are moving Virginia “back 100 or 200 years!”  Outside, one “protestor” strapped a sign to the baby carriage that held her nine-month old child, which read, “This was a choice.”

Unfortunately, conservative legislators are being viscously attacked in both the media and in emails to their offices, some of which is far too vitriolic and offensive to repeat here.  Yet to this point, nothing has passed both chambers and been sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.  Based on media stories and speeches by liberal legislators, one would think no other legislation has been debated, much less passed.  But when the media simply repeats their rants instead of explaining the facts, an uninformed citizenry can become confused.

I urge you today to email your Senator and Delegate and encourage them to stand strong for pro-life, pro-family principles in the face of this out-of-control rhetoric.  I can attest that a person can grow weary of being under constant attack by the media simply for doing what is right.  We have to ensure that our conservative legislators hear from us today!

ACTION: Contact your Senator and Delegate and encourage them to stand strong for pro-family, pro-life principles!