The Canine Caucus And Hope And Peace

Every year we are graced with several teenage students who put in several hours of volunteer work for us as pages during the General Assembly. Their work is invaluable to us in running errands and making timely deliveries to members of the House and Senate. Last year we had a particularly clever young man who cracked us up repeatedly with his spontaneous observations. Perhaps nothing was funnier than his pronouncement of "The Canine Caucus":

Speaker William Howell

Delegate Algie Howell

Senator Janet Howell

Senator George Barker

Senator Frank Ruff.

Get it? 

This year, an equally bright page by the name of Andrea Corwin noticed the irony of the election of freshmen Delegates David Ramadan and Israel (O'Quinn) and how, despite their philosophical compatibility, if necessary, they can always count on the mediation of their colleagues (Patrick) Hope and (Chris) Peace.