Urgent Action Needed! Contact Your Delegate on Ultrasound Bill!

The media, abortion industry driven hysteria surrounding the ultrasound legislation on the verge of being voted on in the House of Delegates has reached fever pitch.  There are some in Richmond who may offer amendments to the bill on the House floor as early as today that would, in the opinion of The Family Foundation, gut the bill.  SB 484 requires an ultrasound (done according to standard medical practice) to be performed prior to an abortion and offers the woman the opportunity to view it if she so chooses. Please click here to contact your Delegate this morning and urge them to vote YES on SB 484 with NO amendments!

Seven (7) states have laws that require an ultrasound for each abortion and require the abortion provider to offer the opportunity to view the image: AL, AZ, FL, LA, NC, OK and MS.  Despite the hype and hysteria by opponents and media sympathizers, Virginia is not breaking new legal or medical ground.

If an abortionist is required to do a transabdominal ultrasound and, upon seeing no fetus, is then legally permitted to perform an abortion without any further proof of life, we have done a tremendous disservice to the health and safety of women of Virginia.  An abortion doctor can then begin an abortion, causing emotion distress and monetary cost to the woman, for no reason, as there may not even be a pregnancy.  It can also be unsafe, due to lack of knowledge of the gestational position and number (#) of fetus’ to be aborted.

Furthermore, failure to confirm the pregnancy by transabdominal ultrasound before invasive surgery should require all necessary precautions (including, if appropriate, a transvaginal ultrasound) be taken to rule out a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy.  Planned Parenthood’s own website and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) “standards” indicate that this is already done as the standard of care.  If so, why is the industry screaming so loudly?

While one would hope all necessary diagnostic tests would be done prior to an abortion in compliance with the appropriate standard of care for any doctor doing this procedure, abortion is not and cannot be treated/trusted like any other medical profession.  The industry has proven itself to be wholly unreliable to self-police.  This was never more clearly exposed than in the Gosnell case in Philadelphia where NAF knew the horrific situation in that clinic, which ultimately resulted in a grand jury indictment, and NAF did not blow the whistle to save women.

Finally, no one is mandated or compelled to have any ultrasound.  The bill is informed consent.  A woman, once told that the ultrasound is required prior to the abortion, can choose to not consent to either.

ACTION: Please contact your Delegate this morning by clicking here and urge them to vote YES SB 484 with NO amendments.