Its All About The Budget, Or Is It?

Last night was the annual Ken Stolle Chili Cook Off, a well attended political event hosted by the former state Senator and current Virginia Beach sheriff. Overheard at the event was the following statement to Sheriff Stolle by Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw:

 I've told them I'd end all this [B.S.] if they'd just give us parity on Ed and Health.

For weeks Democrats in Richmond have blasted the passage of pro-life and pro-family legislation, making speech after speech and inflaming their base with wild and often misleading rhetoric. All the while they've made the standard claim that these "social issues" are a distraction from the only thing that matters, the budget. The real truth is, however, that social issues are the driving force of the majority of Democrats in Richmond, particularly in the state Senate, to the point they are willing to shut down the budget process and put the Commonwealth in financial jeopardy simply to meet the demands of their radical pro-abortion base.

Much like President Obama's willingness to shut down the federal budget to keep the money flowing to Planned Parenthood, state Senate Democrats are obsessed with pandering to Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the rest of the abortion industry. Their argument that its all about the budget is the height of rhetorical hypocrisy, and it's led by Dick Saslaw.

If Senate Democrats want partisan parity on Ed and Health, we urge them to appoint Senator Phil Puckett, one of the most pro-life Democrats in the Senate.  That will give Senator Saslaw the equal party representation he wants, if that's actually what he wants.