More On The "Mild-Mannered" Abortion Protestor . . .

Remember Margaret Doyle? She catapulted into the national limelight two weeks ago as the face of the pro-abortion movement in Virginia when the Mainstream Media in a rare, candid instant, caught her in a rage over pro-life legislation, baring her fangs and trying to barrel through a Capitol Police officer to confront Delegate Bob Marshall (R-10, Prince William). The Richmond Times-Dispatch, whose photographer Bob Brown captured it, immediately posted it on its web site and we followed suit that morning. It went viral and the T-D, almost embarrassed that it exposed the true disposition of the pro-abortion faction, published a fluff piece on Ms. Doyle by the next morning's hard copy edition, explaining that she, well, you know, really isn't like that — that, in fact, she is a lovable, sweet, popular catering company owner who just happened to get caught up in the passion of the moment.

From the article:

Most mornings, mild-mannered Margaret Doyle, owner of Richmond's Espresso-A-Go-Go Coffee Catering, is in a chipper mood. ...


It seems that when Ms. Doyle is in the solitude and comfort of her own home, where she has an opportunity to pause and reflect, you know, just chill, she, uhhhhhh . . . is filled with perpetual rage! Here are the contents of an e-mail she sent a pro-life legislator:

What a disgusting, disgraceful and vile pig you are -- the women of Virginia(except for the Christians that drink your kool-aid) have been pushed back to the dark ages because of you and Bob Marshall -- shame on you for being a foot soldier in the war on women -- once you come up for air after giving the governor a b!@#-j0%, you will be able to see how dangerous you really are -- how does it feel to be an accessory to state-mandated molestation -- at least you're not an accessory to rape anymore -- go to hell you f!#$!^+ monster!

Intemperate and poor punctuation skills. Not the way to go through life, Margaret — and in case there is any doubt, she wrote that on February 20, three days before the committee vote that ignited her heat-of-the-moment, national-headline-stealing outburst at the General Assembly. "Mild-mannered"? You be the judge.

But there's more. You see, Ms. Mild-Mannered Doyle seems to have an abundance of venom, sending the same legislator this belated Valentine's greeting, with the subject line:  "F*#@ you!"

In a pose only the pro-abortion movement could call "thoughtful and rational," Ms. Doyle conveys to a lawmaker an internationally known gesture.  (Photo: courtesy, Margaret Doyle)

The fact of the matter is that the people who protested at Mr. Jefferson's Capitol the last two weeks are not the face of Virginia. They are not normally-calm-every-day-citizens who are upset about certain legislation. They have bombarded pro-life legislators and their staffs with vicious e-mails and phone calls throughout this session, many so threatening they had to be forwarded to Capitol Police. They are ferocious, abortion-at-all-costs, in-your-face, members of relentless pressure groups who worship at the altar of abortion. Finally, despite attempts to conceal their true behavior and attitude, by the slip of the Mainstream Media and their own lack of restraint, their face has been revealed for all to see — and more often than we can even document.

Remember me? The face the media would have you believe is mainstream: Ms. Doyle two weeks ago after she was really fired up!

Admin's note: The text and subject line of the note and picture to the legislator is verbatim, but we used symbols to obscure the indecent language. We also blurred over the obscene gesture.