In The Category Of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Tonight, I did my civic duty and attended my local elected official's townhall meeting. In true confession, it's been a long time since I’ve done so. I was disheartened, though not surprised, to see no more than 25 people in the room with the average age being 70. And then it happened.

A nice looking woman asked about the "sonogram" bill. My elected official handled it well but it began to spark emotion in her. To her credit, if she has emotion about these issues, it is wonderful she showed up to engage her legislator.

This woman was concerned about who pays for it and what happens when low income women need it. Upon being told that it is already routine practice at Planned Parenthood, there are free health clinics and most private insurance companies pay for it, she asked, "Would my insurance cover my abortion ultrasound? I’m not sure it would. Would Medicaid?" Then she continued to talk about how it was government overreach and government was stepping its foot right into her life. She also noted how if she wanted an abortion, she could get a sonogram if she wanted. Finally, after listening to all the concern about government mandating something that is going to cost her money, a kind lady next to her helped her out. "I'm sure that if you had to have an abortion Medicare would cover it. If someone over the age of 65 needs an abortion, it'll be covered."

This woman's next question was about the need for sidewalks because at nearly 80, she's worried about what happens when someone tells her she can't drive anymore.

It just goes to show how this year's media hysteria took rational people, fed them a bunch of falsehood and spun them all around.