Teachers Union, Educrats: "Parents Know Least"

For years, we and many allies worked tirelessly with the support of thousands of Virginians to pass a school choice bill into law. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the concept, voices from all ends of the political spectrum asking for it, the governor's support and a solid House majority, and years of evidence from other states that it works, the basic principles of educational freedom, parental authority, and competition for the monopolistic K-12 public education industry was stymied at every turn — until this year when Virginians won a great victory for education reform. But not only was it opposed over the years, it was opposed with vitriol. Remember this from the 2010 General Assembly session? (See blog post and entire committee meeting here.)

Race and every other type of card was dealt in Senate Finance in 2010, as well as an out-of-order now ex-majority leader, gaveled down by his own committee chairman.

Or, perhaps you remember this comment from the Virginia School Board Association lobbyist that same year, when he said it would "never" accept education choice and would "never" compromise on any type of bill. (Lesson learned. Compromise and get something out of it before you lose entirely. Who said conservatives are the ones who won't compromise? Besides, we predicted education choice was coming to Virginia sooner rather than later!)

Now the rest of the country is experiencing what we experienced here in Virginia. Maybe it's because of what happened here that the educrat establishment, much like the national abortion industry, knows it is losing ground and must ramp up negative, vile attacks. But the teacher and public employee unions and others on the left are no longer content to attack ideas and organizations. They're going after, of all people, parents. While despicable, it is desperate, and desperation signals losing.

According to the The American Federation for Children:

Across the country, parents are under attack. Recent statements by union leaders, special interest groups, and bureaucrats have undermined and insulted families from coast to coast. Instead of having the power to make decisions on behalf of their children, parents are being robbed of giving their children the best educational options available.

Special interests have gone as far as labeling parents as "unsophisticated" and "unaware" when it comes to choosing the best educational options for their children.

The sad reality is that our education system is failing our children. But instead of standing by as our kids suffer, we are refusing to be intimidated by union rhetoric. The current system is serving the special interests of education bureaucrats and union leaders instead of the interests of families and students. Parents across the country have had enough!

The AFC is fighting back — with your help and that of parents across the nation. It started an aggressive campaign for reform to put parents back in charge of their children's education. It's called the "Parents Know Best" campaign (click here to learn more) and will give parents the platform they deserve to speak out for education reform. We encourage you to look into the "Parents Know Best" campaign. Just because we won a potentially transformative legislative victory this year, as the video shows, nothing is over. We will face full force opposition at every turn next year and beyond to limit education freedom, innovation and reform amid the arrogant cries of "more money (after bad) for public schools" and parents know least.

As usual, we ask not that you believe us. Believe the words of the left wing social engineers with power in various states and who run powerful unions. In this video you will see, among other horrifying quotes, one from the National Education Association head, which we wrote about at the time in a post called "NEA/VEA Come Clean."

NEA Chief: It's not about education children. It's about power.