TFF "Fans" Show Need To Stay On The Ready To Defend Culture Of Life

Every now and then we get some hate mail — believe it or not. People and organizations that stand for truth often take heat. That comes with the territory when active and visible in the public square. It's a sign of success. Secular and progressive opponents don't pay attention to people who aren't defeating them or advancing Biblical worldview principles. So, while the digital age is great in that it gives people the extraordinary ability to disseminate information to a wide audience instantly and frequently with relatively little effort, it also allows opponents to see what you do and reply in kind — and often with venom. But it is instructive to see the other side in hysterics. It shows that no level is too low for them and that they will stop at nothing to maintain a culture of death. It shows what we're up against and that we must constantly be ready to redouble our efforts. If you haven't liked us on Facebook (see our new Timeline page) or follow us on Twitter, please do. If you have, spread the word. Share our blog links and Facebook updates, and retweet our tweets. You're not only getting others to follow us, but promulgating needed and useful information to combat the bias we see in the Mainstream Media and the misinformation from our opponents that it willingly swallows.

So, while not as bad as what some legislators receive, you can see an example of the vile directed at us in the tweet below, complete with abbreviations best left unexpounded upon. It isa screenshot from one of our Twitter "followers" who tweeted it last week (click here's to see the original). As you can see, the pro-abortion left reserves unto themselves the right to be crude to its opponents, but whenever we engage in legitimate debate on the issues, we're "waging war on women."