An Ultrasound Saved My Son's Life

Meet Jen Hanrahan. Jen is the mother of Isaac, an eighth-grader who lives in the metro Richmond area. Jen adopted Isaac at birth. Isaac is one of the fortunate ones. When his biological mother became pregnant with him, she opted to view an ultrasound prior to making her decision to have an abortion. The rest is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice. Sometimes courage and inspiration can come in small amounts or packages. We think you can find both in abundance in this one We minute clip of Jen and Isaac’s story:

A lot of lives can be saved in a quick decision.

If you’ve watched our other ultrasound video (Who’s Afraid of a Little Picture?), you’ll understand that Jen and Isaac's story is the reason legislators, The Family Foundation, and other pro-life allies were willing to weather the onslaught of lies and hatred on display in Who’s Afraid of a Little Picture? The ultrasound legislation was worth every ounce of struggle for the sole reason that lives, such as Isaac's, will be saved.

Courage can come another way, too, though in an even quicker instance — the literal one or two seconds it takes a senator or delegate to push a button to signal his or her vote. Despite three staged rallies, ugly protests, late-night comedy skits, biased media coverage, candlelight vigils, vile allegations, hateful calls and thousands of compliant e-mails, many General Assembly members withstood weeks of pressure and ridicule (some from people who didn't even understand the bill as well as nefarious pro-abortion groups) and voted to protect women and the unborn through the ultrasound legislation. Now, it's time that these brave lawmakers heard from us.

After you’ve watched Jen and Isaac's testimony, there are three simple things you can do to help the pro-life cause. Please share it and Who’s Afraid of a Little Picture? We also have started a petition drive, both online and old school pen-and-paper style, to thank legislators for their courageous votes for the ultra sound bill. You can do all three by sharing the links to the videos and petitions on your social media sites and through e-mail to friends, family, political activists and church members, or whoever you think should see them. Here are the easy-to-do details:

1. Share both videos. Click on the links and post to your Facebook or YouTube pages, tweet it, e-mail it, blog about it, or add it to comment sections to blogs and media web pages where you see abortion or ultrasound bill related articles: An Ultrasound Saved My Son's Life and Who's Afraid of a Little Picture? 

2. Sign the online petition and include that link on your social media sites and e-mail when you share the video links. Click here to sign the online version.

3. Download the paper petition and encourage your friends, community group members, grassroots activists or fellow church members to sign it. Perhaps you can organize a signing table after Sunday service at your church or circulate it at meetings of other organizations to which you belong. Click here to find the petition for your city or county.

Please let us know how we can assist you in getting the word out about these powerful videos and our petition to thank pro-life legislators. In the meantime, we thank you very much, and are very grateful for all you do in the cause of protecting the unborn.