Gendercide In America, The Ultimate War On Women

There's been a lot of talk about a so-called "War On Women," but as usual it's an Orwellian language trap by the Left to accuse their opponents of what they themselves are actually doing. In other words, a distraction — a noisy one at that — to cover up the real and tangible "war" they are perpetrating. This phony "war" never really got too much traction. But now this cover-up-by-demagoguery is fully exposed thanks to an undercover investigation by It's no surprise that Planned Parenthood is the one waging this real war on women, and it's the ultimate war at that — encouraging and participating in gendercide, the selective abortion of the unborn child because it is a girl.

Sex-selection abortions are rampant in Asia, most notoriously in China, where the communist government imposes a one child limit on families. Families who want a boy (often for economic reasons or pride) will abort their unborn girls until they are pregnant with a boy. But in America? If Planned Parenthood can help it, apparently so. Here are two blockbuster undercover videos released within the last two days by LiveAction that show Planned Parenthood personnel encouraging and facilitating sex-selection abortions — gendercide, the killing of unborn girls — a truly destructive war on women by those who, terribly ironically, try to assign that slogan to those who want to protect life.

What does the pro-abortion crowd have to say for themselves, their "choice" mantra fully obliterated. We'll never know. Not surprisingly, the Mainstream Media hardly recognizes this expose´which is more ironic considering this was the type of investigation reporters on broadcasts such as 60 Minutes once undertook. The statistics cited and the behavior recorded will shock, dismay and appall.

Gendercide, Part 1:

"Let's have an abortion and celebrate with a little Medicaid fraud to boot!"

Gendercide, Part 2:

It's astonishing to hear the the Planned Parenthood employee call the unborn a "boy" or "girl" and be desensitized to the fact that she is encouraging its death.