If I Wanted America To Fail . . . (But Since I Don't, I Will Share This Video)

This video produced by Free Market America, a project of our our friends at Americans for Limited Government, has skyrocketed since its release two weeks ago: More than 2.1 million views! By contrast, its five other videos on YouTube have generated about 71,000 views. (That is not to say the others are not worthy of a look. Quite the contrary.) The script is based on the legendary If I were the devil Paul Harvey commentary. Free Market America considers this modern interpretation — or, in the Hollywood vernacular, a "re-imagining" — "a provocative video letter to America" and with the same "thoughtful intensity" the late conservative news man brought to millions over the radio each day for years. It was written by Ryan Houck and lacks neither thoughtfulness nor intensity. Mr. Harvey would be proud, for sure.

If you haven't seen this video, it's a must see. If you have seen it, repetition is good for the soul and brain cells. It is one of the most important and powerful productions created to date in this new age of digital political communication. The power of its plain and directly delivered words are finely matched to its stark visuals, uniquely conveying our country's dire current condition as well as its future liberty-depreciating course — both of which are in urgent need of diversion to the course of common sense and sanity known as freedom.

After you've watched it, please share this page on your social media sites and e-mail it to others. The best way to change America and the commonwealth is to change minds and motivate people. Powerful messages such as this are too valuable not to use in explaining the virtue of liberty and the excesses of do-it-all, Leviathan government.

Less government = more freedom. More freedom = greater prosperity.