Mainstream Media FINALLY Halts "War On Women" Coverage (Part 1)

That's right. After months of coverage on the mean, hate-filled, rolling-back-the-clock, anti-women and war-like laws passed by conservative legislatures around the country — and especially in Virginia — it finally figured enough was enough and decided to move on. I mean, how else to explain the absence of coverage of a union boss pummeling with a baseball bat a pinata emblazoned with the facial likeness of conservative, pro-life, Tea Party favorite South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley? The "War" must be over, then. As usual, on the Left's terms. In this case, when its side makes a fool of itself and its hypocrisy and fallaciousness are exposed — its deliberate mischaracterizations of policy and fact on a range of issues that reveal its intolerance while at the same time redefining institutions and assigning "war" motives to conservatives.

Imagine if a Tea Party member did the same to a Nancy Pelosi figure? Or Kathleen Sebelius? Instead of mocking skits on Comedy Central or "Breaking News" on CNN the biggest news coverage came from an ABC News blog — which focused on how the Republican Governors Association and Governor Haley are fundraising off the incident (see! Nothing less than astounding. Tomorrow, another amazing example. Previously, we've seen this attack from the Left on conservative women (here).

The "War on Women" must be over considering the absence of coverage of this crude event. When the Left demonizes or destroys conservative women simply because they disagree on policy, it's no big deal and not newsworthy.