Abortion industry apologist and Democrat  Senator Janet Howell called it, "The cruelest bill of all...." She was refering to legislation (HB 62) during the 2012 General Assembly session that would have brought Virginia in line with the federal Hyde amendment, which restricts taxpayer funding of abortion to cases of rape, incest and life of the mother.  Virginia goes a step further, funding abortion in cases of disability.  Of course, the legislation would not have prohibited such abortions, just prevented you and I from being forced to pay for them.

Why advocate for eliminating this funding?  In such extreme cases, isn't it "compassionate" to just abort a child that has no chance of survival or will be an extreme burden on his or her family?  That's the logic of the abortion industry anyway, and it was the argument of many legislators during debate over the bill.

But they never met Clara Beatty.

Her extraordinary story is exactly why we don't support taxpayer funding for abortions of the disabled.  Her doctors in Europe encouraged her parents to abort.  She would be too much of a burden they said.  She wouldn't be "normal."  She would suffer.

Her parents chose life, and now Clara is a bright light to all those around her, including her classmates.  Normal?  Who decides that?  She is an extraordinary human being who cherishes every day, every breath.

Did she cost a bit more money to care for than other kids?  Sure.  Was it easy for her parents?  Not a chance.  A burden?  Read the story and decide for yourself.

Abortion industry apologists will say that as a "fetus" Clara didn't meet the Virginia standard of "incapacitating physical deformity or mental deficiency."  But the law leaves it up to the doctor.  If the doctor "believes" the child will have such a deformity, then if the mother meets the eligibility requirements of Medicaid, you and I foot the bill for the abortion (by regulation, apparently, it requires 2 docs and health commissioner).  I bet that's what the doctors in Europe "believed," and it's what they recommended.  Don't think for a moment that every child aborted under this provision of Virginia law doesn't have a chance to survive.

Some of them could have been just like Clara.