Out Of The Mainstream, Planned Parenthood Gets Stranger And Stranger

In sports, when a losing team feels it is becoming more and more unlikely it can erase its deficit as the clock begins to drain precious minutes and seconds, it becomes more and more likely to trash its meticulously laid out game plan and rely increasingly on improvisation. This strategy isn't working, let's toss something up and see what sticks — anything. Whether it's "Hail Mary" passes in football, long-range 3-point shots and relentless fouling in basketball, or long high balls into the box in soccer, sound tactics make way for uncomfortably desperate ploys that reduce well trained athletes and smart coaches to broke gamblers, hoping against all odds to draw an inside straight or hit the trifecta at the OTB. Sounds a lot like Planned Parenthood these days. The abortion industry leader, which is witnessing the American public increasingly become pro-life, state legislatures pass into law more pro-life bills, the defunding movement gaining large across-the-board support and, in general, seeing a movement that it at one time must have thought would just melt away only grow stronger in activism and in educating the public, has become more peculiar than ever. It's desperate and its desperation is driving it to a stranger-than-ever place, a place that it somehow thinks will bring it back from behind.

First, it began selling Christmas "gift certificates" a couple of years ago. Ahh, yes, just what one most desires at Christmas — right along with the coal in the stocking. Then there are its odd pro-abortion rallies where people celebrate the procedure like a sacrament. More bizarre was this past spring's "40 Days of Prayer" in support of abortion (see TheBlaze.com). The "prayers" include mentions of "the mothers, the escorts, the abortionists," but not the unborn children. It's ironic that they recognize the women as mothers. Even the pro-abortion Obama administration counts unborn children as White House guests.

If all this doesn't fit the script of an unwritten Twilight Zone episode, then consider this: Planned Parenthood promoted May as "Masturbation Month" (see TheBlaze.com). That's right — complete with encouragement for children and teens, as well as tips as well.

Planned Parenthood's desperation is almost understandable. As the truth about its uncouth practices continues to become exposed, new deaths and injuries during abortions are reported; as the country moves closer to a pro-life majority, and abortion is seen for the abomination that it is, these freakish acts of self-promotion could be construed as a way to deflect attention for what the abortion industry truly ia about. But like the desperation of the long pass, the half-court shot or the long ball up the field, it's not likely to work. The clock is running out and they are falling further and further behind.