Unfair And Unbalanced: Media Ignores "Straight" Republican Rejected For Judgeship By General Assembly

Deciding on a header for this post is the most difficult part of writing it. Here are some other ideas: "Silence"


"Where Are They Now?"

"Double Standard"

"Absent And Unaccounted For"

"The Left Has Left"

I could go on, but I need to get to the crux of the matter, which is this: All remember the media and Leftist assault we and conservative members of the House of Delegates took when the House rejected the judicial candidacy of Tracy Thorne-Begland, an openly homosexual man. He was opposed an defeated because of statements and positions he had taken, and his political activism, which gave every indication as to what type of jurist he might be.

No less is done in legislatures across the country and in Washington, where the Left regularly assaults conservative judicial nominees, especially minorities such as Miguel Estrada or Janice Rogers Brown. But apparently, because he was "out of the closet" his homosexuality was a shield. Any criticism of his philosophy or political activism and you are branded a "bigot" by the Left, many of whose activists came on this blog to do just that, or send us vile e-mails.

Then there was the media feeding frenzy, with every publication, seemingly, from the corner market's newsletter to the Washington Post and Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial pages hammering away at conservatives for exercising their constitutional rights. If we has as much power as the Left says we have, and have the motives they contrive to say we have, wouldn't we have already done everything they say we would like to do?

In fact, the extent of our "opposition" to the man in question, was an e-mail alert, a blog post, a Facebook update and a tweet. We must be very powerful, indeed.

But there's been an interesting development that has squeezed itself onto the radar despite the massive noise caused by the media obsession with Mr. Thorne-Begland's defeated nomination (see yesterday's post about the media onslaught about the matter, as if there were no other news). Thanks to Brian Kirwin at Bearing Drift, we have the story of Kim White, a Republican commonwealth's attorney from Southwest Virginia, who was  denied by the Senate, led by Democrat Donald McEachin, for a position as a circuit court judge for which she was qualified.

She also happens to be "straight" but there are no cries of bigotry or bias because of her party affiliation. In fact, there were no cries at all. Her defeat was noted by one — ONE — media outlet, The Mecklenburg Sun. Not only that, but another judicial nominee put forth by Republicans, for a juvenile and domestic court position, also was defeated.

Where's the outrage? Where are the charges? Where is the contempt fo legislators? Where are descriptions of shame, embarrassment and indignity brought to the commonwealth?

In his post yesterday — "Virginia judicial nominees: Gay=media frenzy, Straight Republican = nothing!" — a week after the vote, Kirwin writes:

Hardly a peep about Kim White, who was certified by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee but whose name was removed by Senate Democrats before the vote was taken.

Have you read that in your newspaper?

It happened the same day the gay activist didn’t become a judge. You have to find the Mecklenburg Sun to find a story about Democrats blocking a Republican from a judgeship. ...

That’s it. No outcry. No namecalling. No editorials blasting away about a qualified candidate being blocked from a judgeship.

She isn’t gay.

Even today, the Virginian-Pilot spends an entire editorial still opining that Tracy Thorne-Begland can be appointed to "right a wrong."

Meanwhile, a circuit judgeship in the 10th is still vacant, but the Pilot doesn’t care. A recommended judge was blocked by Democrats. The Virginian-Pilot, the Washington Post, the Daily Press and the Richmond Times-Dispatch doesn’t care.

She isn’t gay.

I’m frustrated that it’s up to me and the Mecklenburg Sun to shine a sliver of light on this story.

Thorne-Begland wasn’t the only judicial candidate to be rejected late Monday night. But you’d never know it from the press. You’d never know it from TV news.

Kim White was blocked from a Circuit Court judgeship by Senate Democrats led by Sen. McEachin the same day that Tracy Thorne-Begland was rejected by Republicans.

One gets a thousand stories in every news outlet in Virginia.

At least Kim White gets Bearing Drift.

So well stated, Brian, and thank you (and now she gets The Family Foundation Blog). Meanwhile, we're waiting on the media and the Left who frequent this site to end their silence, hypocrisy, absence and double standard, and, you know, I could go on about their false hysteria but won't, even though that is the crux of the matter.