Wisconsin Recall Causing Rift Among Left; Precursor To Nationwide Defeat In November?

Cheesehead liberals are not too happy these days. They thought they had it made with a recall of conservative Governor Scott Walker, that he was a fluke, and that they could restore left-wing order to the state capitol. Apparently, the Democrat National Committee never got the memo. Or maybe it just got another, more telling, memo. You see, after labor unions, Democrats, pro-abortion activists, education establishment types, and liberal activists of various and sundry types got by hook and crook the requisite number of signatures to force Governor Walker into a recall election, they thought they had it made. Wisconsin is typically a liberal state and, to them, it was a no-brainer gubernatorial pick-up that the DNC couldn't resist. Surely, it empty some of its war chest into the Dairy State to help them finish the job.

But not so fast. Wisconsin also is the home to conservative Congressman Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, who is one of the leading spending hawks and tax reform advocates in Washington. In 2010, it convincingly elected Tea Party backed Ron Johnson to the U.S. Senate over long-term incumbent and liberal icon Russ Feingold. That year it also elected Mr. Walker. That's three prominent conservatives in what is considered a proudly progressive state. Then, in last week's primaries, Governor Walker got nearly as many votes in his GOP primary, even though he as basically unopposed, than the combined total of the four Democrats running to replace him! Now, in two polls, one by the extreme left-wing Daily Kos, Governor Walker is leading 50-44 (see Chippewa Herald).

With all this in mind, the DNC is sitting this one out to the anger of leftists everywhere. MoveOn.org blasted an angry e-mail Tuesday seeking signatories to an online petition to pressure the DNC to fork over the dough. It went out under the name of a Wisconsin activist named Mary Magnuson and read, in part:

. . . I'm shocked: The Democratic National Committee still isn't giving financial support to the recall fight in Wisconsin. ...

There is no more time for the Democratic National Committee to wait — if Walker wins, it would be a huge setback to Democrats in races across the country this year. We need the DNC's support immediately!

It looks as if there's infighting in liberal land. Why not? Finger pointing is one of the first signs of pending defeat. (Another is vitriol directed at your opponents.) With two national polls (CBS/New York Times and Gallup/USA Today) not only showing Barack Obama losing badly, but also negative numbers on the economy, among women, and on his same-sex marriage "evolution."

The petition exhortation was followed the next day by a MoveOn financial solicitation, which read in part:

BREAKING NEWS FROM WISCONSIN: The Democratic National Committee is refusing requests to fund the massive get out the vote effort planned in Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker. 

Wisconsin is ground zero for Democrats this summer — and there are only three weeks before Election Day — which is why this breaking news just doesn't make sense.

Scott Walker and his right-wing allies have spent millions, and they'll spend millions more in the next few weeks. But Walker's poll numbers won't budge and if the Wisconsin Democrats can run the massive field program they have planned, we can win this. 

Obama for America organizers are hard at work in the state, but the DNC's lack of support has left a huge hole in the get out the vote budget.

With what should be reliably liberal Wisconsin turning so red that the DNC won't even help, North Carolina (another state the president won in 2008) all but gone and activists petitioning to remove the DNC convention from Charlotte, it seems the left can't decide who its opponents are.

The infighting, coupled with left-wing hysteria over legislative defeats on fiscal and social issues in several states, have showcased the height of liberal dysfunction. While the Left can never be taken lightly, internal dissension and misdirected anger at its opposition may portend many bigger defeats than a Wisconsin recall debacle.