Breaking: Board Of Health Strikes Construction Codes From Abortion Center Regs On 7-4 Vote

The Virginia Board of Health is voting right now, after hours of testimony beginning early this morning, to consider permanent regulations for abortion centers. This follows the emergency regulations that were put into place last September. In fact, it voted 7-4 a few minutes ago, to strike the construction codes from the previous, emergency regulations. Members of our staff, on hand to provide testimony in support of strong regulations, have described the scene as a circus, with dozens of signs, and protesters both inside and outside the meeting room, some yelling at security guards. The pro-abortion crowd appears to outnumber those standing up for the unborn and women who make the unfortunate choice of abortion by about a 7-to-1 margin. We had a "great cloud of witnesses," though, from several allied pro-life organizations testify on behalf of making the regulations permanent. We will have more details later on what exactly was adopted, what wasn't and what it all means.