Evil Disguised As Good

Pope Benedict XVI is a scholar. It goes without saying he's supremely intelligent. He is as steeped in history and philosophy as he is in theology, and several other subjects of considerable weight. He speaks six languages. He primarily speaks the truth. About three weeks ago, he distilled into a few sentences what so many of us who believe in traditional values have tried to convey through thousands of words about the degrading of divinely ordained institutions by those who abhor absolutes while structuring a Dictatorship of Relativism. Because besides being intelligent, he is perceptive. The two combined reveal plenty about creeping acceptance of moral relativism.

At this moment my words can only be of gratitude. A "thank you" first of all to the Lord for the many years he has given me; years filled with many days of joy, marvelous times but also with dark nights. Yet, in retrospect, one understands that those nights were necessary and good, a cause for thanksgiving.  

Today the phrase ecclesia militans is somewhat out of fashion but in fact we can understand ever more so that it is true, that it contains within it the truth. We see how evil wishes to dominate in the world and that it is necessary to fight against evil. We see that it does so in so many ways: cruelty, through the different forms of violence, but even disguised as good and thereby undermining the moral foundations of society. (Emphasis added.)  

St Augustine said that all history is a struggle between two loves: love of self to the point of despising God; and love of God to the point of despising oneself, in martyrdom. We are caught up in this struggle. ...

Pope Benedict knows moral relativists can only subject societies to a Dictatorship of Relativism by redefining institutions; in order to make evil acceptable, it must be unsuspecting.