Hot Rumor: Senator Steve Martin Considering Run For Lt. Governor

It's convention time — Virginia Republicans are gathering in the capital city tonight and tomorrow to take care of some quadrennial business, namely, electing delegates to the party's national convention and other assorted party insider positions, as well as its central committee going about its governance — which means it's also rumor time. After all, when you get few thousand party activists together with several dozen politicians, this and that are bound to be said and believed. Word is leaked here and about, trial balloons are sent up, and everyone is looking for news, to break news, to be looked upon as a source and ultimate insider. Conventions are places for office holders, candidates, activists, campaign pros and lobbyists to strut their stuff. Reputations can be made. That all said, we do have some breaking news. Looks like the field for the 2013 Republican nomination for Lt. Governor may expand beyond Price William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart and (potentially) Businessman Pete Snyder. Senator Steve Martin and his new bride Rebecca, we are told by sources close to the situation, are seriously and prayerfully considering a run for the same office. Senator Martin would bring more than two dozen years of General Assembly experience to the race, as well as well credentialed conservatism. This past year, as chairman of the Education and Health Committee, he helped steer bills out of committee that for years were killed there under both Democrat and Republican majorities.

That's not all. Another rumor circulating, though not from any source remotely connected with the potential candidate, is that a Northern Virginia member of the General Assembly also is looking into a run for the number two spot. What once seemed to be a race on the backest of the back burners, soon may be boiling over.