Virginia Abortionist’s License Suspended . . . Again

The most recent chapter in the chain of abortionist malpractice is that of Dr. Joel Match. Last month, the Virginia Board of Medicine suspended Dr. Match's license after a history of ethical and medical abuses. This is yet another unfortunate example of a Virginia abortionist who has been reprimanded only to return to offend again. To first provide you with some background on Dr. Match, Dr. Match's previous employer is Dr. Mi Yong Kim, possibly a name you're familiar with. Dr. Mi Yong Kim has a medical malpractice record too long to detail here, but it is important to know that her malpractice led to the death of one patient and the injury/negligence of many others. Beating the Virginia Board of Medicine to the punch, Dr. Mi Yong Kim voluntarily surrendered her medical license in 2007. Mi Yong Kim owns and operates Fairfax's Nova Women's Healthcare which was recently in the news for a botched abortion in April 2012. Nova Women's Healthcare also was the previous place of employment of Dr. Match.

Dr. Match's most recent run-in with the law regards the suspension of his medical license by the Virginia Board of Medicine last month over findings that he distributed narcotics to at least 10 patients (some of which were identified drug addicts) without any medical oversight.

In 2007, Dr. Match (along with Dr. Kim) botched an abortion, resulting in a 2009 lawsuit. Dr. Match failed to identify a 12-week old ectopic pregnancy, but rather noted in the records that he had successfully performed an intrauterine abortion on an 8-week old fetus. The patient experienced pain and bleeding after the abortion resulting in Dr. Kim rescheduling the patient for a second "abortion." Prior to her appointment, the patient collapsed on the floor at her home due to pain and was unable to reach the phone to call for help. Her fiancé found her later on the floor and called 911. The patient's fallopian tube was removed and she fortunately survived, but continued to experience pain, depression and other complications in the years following the botched abortion.

In 1992, unrelated to his professional life but reflective of his character and treatment of women, a court found Dr. Match guilty of abuse of his wife including . . .

choking her, body-slamming her, kicking her, throwing her down the stairs, beating her face, pulling her hair and screaming at her.

The court record also stated:

A close relative of Dr. Match has suggested that Dr. Match "hates women" and Dr. Match's personal and occupational attitudes and behavior toward women evidences a psychological need and desire to control and use vulnerable women or women in vulnerable positions for his own purposes, resulting in an indifference to, and reckless disregard of, the welfare of female patients. (Fairfax County Circuit Court No. 133092, Match's deposition in DC Superior Court Action No. 91-CA-13039, notes and analysis of testimony in Match v. Match, August 13, 1992).

Dr. Match was required to attend psychiatric counseling to address his treatment of women.

As if that kind of a history is not enough to suspend Dr. Match's license, he also botched an abortion in 1991 by lacerating and perforating a patient's uterus during an abortion causing her to hemorrhage almost to the point of death and although she survived, she was forced to have a hysterectomy and suffered from depression.

Unfortunately, Dr. Match is just today's most recent example of an abortionist who is unyielding to state and federal laws and dangerous to society, particularly women. In light of the upcoming June 15 Virginia State Board of Health meeting in which the permanent abortion center safety regulations will be discussed, it is critical that Virginians are aware of the atrocities committed again and again at the hands of abortionists and the unacceptable "standards" abortion centers choose to set when left unregulated. Until now, Virginia abortion centers have not been routinely inspected or licensed since the 1980s. For the sake of the lives of patients like those of Dr. Kim's and Dr. Match's, it is time that the veil is torn back and the light is shone.