A Walk For The President

So President Barack Obama doesn't think the United States of America is a Christian nation. He cites the fact that Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others are American citizens. True. Just as Christians and a very large number of Muslims are Israeli citizens, but Israel is a Jewish state. America was founded, no matter how much secularists and the president want to rewrite history, on Judeo-Christian principles. Our founding documents prove it. Our Founders' writings show it. The moral foundation of our laws confirms it. A memorial we left on the moon dramatically demonstrates it (see this great reflection from William Safire).

If President Obama, or any secularist or progressive, doubts it, they need only take a short walk from the White House to a few Washington, D.C. landmarks — and back to the White House.  Stuart Shepard from CitizenLink.com shows us the way in this short video tour of the Washington Mall.

Sign of the Cross: A walk to certain Washington memorials and back to the White House would demonstrate to the president that his assertion that America is not a Christian nation couldn't be further from the Truth.