Cadence, Not Context, Tells The Real Story Of Obama's "You Didn't Build That"

President Barack Obama is complaining that his political opponents are taking his infamous Roanoke words out of context and attempting to make the the issue rather than his incredible, anti-capitalist statement: "You didn't build that!" Nothing, of course, is out of context. He plainly stated what he meant and what he believes. He is arrogant enough to claim he referred to something else when the entire world heard him and his words reverberate forevermore online; incomprehensibly arrogant for demanding that conservatives stop sounding the alarm.

There uncountable aspects of the president's speech that are astonishing and appalling. Many have been commented upon, but three seem to have escaped all but a few in the entire media. They are particularly revealing and frightening at the same time:

1. The president's voice: He is noticeably angry when he said, "Let me tell you something: There are a lot of hard working people out there. ... There are a lot of smart people out there." Forget the "context." Check out his cadence. His disdain for people who relish individual success, who create and build businesses, is palpable.

2. The reaction of the crowd after the first attack sentence: They rejoice at the denigration of entrepreneurs. How pitiful that the Left has descended to such depths of class warfare and hate out of ignorance of how American capitalism built the greatest standard of living known to man. 

3. The president contradicts himself: He admitted the American system has created an unparalleled society, yet wants to "transform" it (his 2008 promise) into a Euro-style ash heap of stagnation, and he wants to do it by slamming his fellow citizens who dare to work hard and be successful. Some leader. 

Below is a video from American Future Fund, via our friends at Conservative Intelligence Briefing, that does a terrific job at exposing the president's demagoguery, both in the original statement and in his attack on his opponents for taking his words "out of context."

For the closing argument, I leave you with none other than Dr. Charles Krauthammer, who fully dismantles the president's entire ludicrous proposition and even exposes his hypocrisy and entire misunderstanding of government: