It Has?

Hmmmmmmmm . . .

The Obama economic plan has worked. Here are only a few of its accomplishments:

» First ever U.S. credit downgrade

» 8.2 percent unemployment

» Unemployment higher than 8 percent since January 2009

» Longest period of unemployment greater than 8 percent since Great Depression

» Real unemployment rate of 14.9 percent

» More people on disability than ever before

» Most people on food stamps in American history ("The Food Stamp President")

» Most people on government assistance in American history

» Highest sustained gas prices in American history

» Canadians now are wealthier than Americans

» Closing in on highest poverty rate since 1985 (Where are the media sob stories and sound bytes of social workers blaming the president for being heartless while taking donations from millionaire friends of his?)

» GDP growth negligible

» No budget in four years

» Last budget submitted so bad it was rejected  unanimously by House and Senate (Who said there's no bipartisanship in Washington?)

» Greatest budget deficits in history

» Budget deficits greater than $1 trillion every year for four years

» $5.2 trillion added to the national debt in four years

» Greatest increase in the national debt in American history

» Largest national debt in American history

» Solyndra and other companies run by major campaign contributors going bankrupt after getting laundered taxpayer money

» Housing starts and sales at multi-year lows

» Housing prices are down while foreclosures are up.

» Etc., etc., etc.

If this is success, what does failure look like? The 20,000 people who file for disability in June is greater than job creation in some recent months! Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in Congressional testimony last week said the economy is slowing down from its current anemic growth rate with no significant growth in sight.

The Left has perverted the language for years. But calling this economic plan of government takeovers and expansion, taxing and regulating, and borrowing and debt is arrogant because not only does The Left think Americans are too stupid to read and understand basic statistics, they think Orwellian redefinitions can erase the actual heartache and anxiety Americans are experiencing.

The Left thinks success is measured by how much the government does for its citizens, because it arrogantly believes people cannot do or accomplish anything for themselves. Americans measure success by job creation, economic growth and the expansion of liberty and opportunity, concepts alien and unimaginable to The Left.