Left's Attack On Chick-fil-A Is One More Battle In War On Religious Freedom

I'm concerned. Have you heard about the attacks on Chick-fil-A? Right now, the company is under attack because the fast-food restaurant's president told a Christian news organization that it supported "the biblical definition of the family unit." For years, Chick-fil-A has fought for traditional values in the public sphere and is, remarkably, one of the few companies I know that voluntarily closes on Sundays.

But, the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, said today the company's views are "anti-gay" and "Chick-fil-A's values are not Chicago's values." I certainly hope not!

But Emanuel didn't stop there. He demanded that the restaurant chain's leader change his opinion or keep his restaurants out of Chicago.

These are dangerous tactics designed to delegitimize our participation, as people of faith, in the public sphere. For decades, through the media and our education system, the Left has exalted extreme individualism that promotes notions of freedom detached from moral truth. For the Left, there is absolutely no room for people like you and me in the public sphere — no room in the inn.

We're losing our freedom and we cannot afford to stay silent. We will not allow Virginia to close the doors on our faith. Without people of faith in our government, we fall prey to totalitarian interpretations of humanity and the nature of our culture. Help us play a critical and urgent role to counter the cultural currents in our state.

Our religious freedom is more than just the freedom to worship. That's why we need your immediate support to demand guarantees of respect for our freedom of conscience in our laws. If we don't stand up for our faith, who will?

The Family Foundation is already in the middle of this fight. During the last legislative session, we protected the religious liberty of private adoption agencies after we discovered they were going to be forced through new state regulations, against their conscience, to adopt children to homosexual couples.

It was a difficult battle but we succeeded. If we didn't have the support from people like you, imagine what would have happened if that regulation against their conscience was allowed to pass? Now we see attacks on our religious freedom in Obamacare, where radical secularists are right now denying the right of conscientious objection to religious institutions and individuals.

Our faith is not a constraint or threat to freedom as leftists tell our fellow Americans. Instead, our faith is the basis for liberation and a humane world and we must stand up and protect what we believe. Do you agree? If so, raise your voice! Join with me and don't let the radical secularists continue to delegitimize our participation in public debate.