Stand With Us For Freedom!

This is the time of year when we celebrate our freedoms and independence with speeches, fireworks, picnics and other festivities. Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence pledging their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to the cause of liberty. All of them made good on that pledge. Many lost their wealth, land, families, and some their own lives as they birthed this nation (see the famous account of the Signers' lives post July 4, 1776, by Rush Limbaugh's father). Unfortunately, perhaps more than ever in our history, their vision of freedom is under assault. This November's election will determine whether one of the greatest legislative assaults on individual liberty will continue. Now, we are asking you to join the cause of Independence that began in 1776. We are not asking for your money, and definitely not your lives, but we are asking for you to be willing to volunteer some of your time until November to make sure that people who share your values get out and vote in support of freedom. We are not asking you to take bullets or spend a winter at Valley Forge, as did the beleaguered farmers and citizen soldiers who defeated that era's greatest military force. In fact, we will offer rewards, food and more, and you can do it all in a well air-conditioned building! If you are willing to volunteer your valuable time, we are confident that together we can make a difference for the cause of freedom this year.

This year, The Family Foundation Action, a state affiliate of CitizenLink, formerly Focus on the Family Action, is working hard to fight for your liberty. We are opening call centers around the commonwealth, working to identify and activate conservative voters. We have established a reputation as the premier defender of traditional values in Richmond, and are working hard to ensure that those who share our values are informed and motivated to vote on November 6. Will you join us in fighting for the values we hold dear? We will use cutting-edge technology and have fun, family-friendly campaign activities with food, raffles and prizes.

We currently have four field directors in place and are in the process of setting up others in key parts of Virginia. Please look over the information for your region and contact its field director to get involved — and stand with us for freedom. If your region is not listed, please contact Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or for more information.

Prince William

Willie Deutsch is our Prince William field director. His office is located at 17323 Jefferson Davis Highway Suite L-1 in Woodbridge. He will be open for phone banking every weeknight from 5:00-9:00 p.m. Please come with your friends and family. Willie can also throw a call party at your house if you are able to recruit people. Please call or e-mail him to let him know when you are able to go to his call center if possible so he can plan for you. Contact Willie at 515-505-5209 or


Tim Pogge is our Peninsula field director. His office is located at 4521 George Washington Memorial Highway in Yorktown. He will make calls from that office and set up remote call centers across Hampton Roads, as well. Contact Tim at 515-505-5224 or

Greater Richmond

Ron Gallagher is our Richmond area field director. We are in the process of securing an office space for Ron's call center. Contact him at 804-591-5909 or


Edward Newland is our Northern Virginia field director. He will primarily work in the Fairfax-Alexandria area. We have an office right outside the beltway off Route 50, Arlington Boulevard. We will provide the address as soon as the office is ready to go. Contact Edward at 515-505-5383 or

Please contact the field director nearest you and let him know that you will help further the cause of freedom and liberty. We will contact you with more details as we open up more field offices in the coming days.