The "You'll Want To See This" Video Is Going Viral

Remember this video from last week? It was of a speech Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb gave several days ago in Richmond at a rally in conjunction with the Values Bus Tour that rolled through Virginia as part of its national trek to expose the phony "war on women." We innocently posted it here last week with Victoria's comments about the Left's intolerance and need to control opponents' speech and we received about 60 comments. Not only that, it's made the rounds on several Facebook sites and the subject of a few tweets as well. But earlier this week, two of Virginia's preeminent political web sites, Bearing Drift and Virginia Right! covered the story that won't die. In fact, Bearing Drift's syndicated radio program, Score Radio, decided to interview Victoria as well. To see Norman Leahy's commentary and a link to Victoria's interview as well as show times and affiliated stations, click here. Notes Leahy:

Recently, Family Foundation president Victoria Cobb was giving a speech in front of her office. The topic? The phony "war on women." Cobb's remarks were met with a protest. A particularly vocal and angry protest. ...

Cobb and Scott Lee talk about this rather noisy exchange, and why it seems the left, rather than engage those with whom they disagree, prefers to throw a fit.

I couldn't have phrased it any better than Tom White, the editor-in-chief at Virginia Right!, who put it this way:

If you don’t agree with the radical left wingers who believe womanhood is defined by how many babies you abort, they do their best to shut you up. These mostly . . . screeching harpies just don’t get it. I feel sorry for them. They are so dead set on having abortions that they deem anyone who values the life of a child as their enemy.

Case in point? The Family Foundation's Victoria Cobb . . . recently gave a speech and the left wing harpies wouldn't stop whining with their cries of "why do you hate me" and other attempts to shout her down. ...

The Declaration of Independence started the framework for the greatest nation the world has ever known. Inalienable Rights come from God. God creates life and it is not up to man to end that life. Life belongs to the Creator.

And how anyone who seeks to protect life — born or unborn — can be accused of "hate" or "intolerance" defies logic. 

The fact is, as we see with the Left's campaign against Chick-fil-A, an opposing, or even different, opinion equals "hater" in the Left's eyes and ears, and thus the Left will brand you. So dearly dogmatic are their statist objectives that it doesn't matter whether one holds a religious belief, supports a certain candidate, favors a practical bill before the legislature, or interprets the constitution a certain way: Anything opposite the Left's statist views, despite all constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and speech,  must be shut down.