Uncle Sam Sheds A Tear: A Bill Of Particulars In An Updated Declaration

In the previous post, we asked that you stand with us for freedom as we are in a perilous time for our freedoms unlike that which most living today have ever seen in our country. The direction of our country — persistently high unemployment, record numbers on  government assistance, a new wave of permanent underclass, economic shambles, ever expanding government control over all aspects of our life, an unprecedented mandate to purchase something or get thrown into a government program and penalized monetarily, incomprehensible national debt, loss of freedoms and conscience protections, religious liberty gutted, marriage redefined, values under assault — is not exactly that for which our Founders pledged their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor."  The litany — which could make for the bill of particulars in an updated Declaration of Independence — is enough to make Uncle Sam cry. In fact, he is. Our good friends at Let Freedom Ring produced this video recently showing Uncle Sam distraught about our current plight. Wrote LFR President Colin Hanna:

This 4th of July, as we commemorate our Declaration of Independence and the patriots who fought to secure our remarkable experiment in freedom, there is a cloud forming over our national celebration. The Obama Administration is weighing us down with a crippling national debt and ever-greater government control over our economy.

To convey this loss of freedom in a poignant yet light-hearted way, we are releasing a video showing Uncle Sam symbolically shedding a tear. ...

We can do better than an America that brings Uncle Sam to tears. The spirit of our Founders still lives in the hearts of 21st century patriots, but if we take freedom for granted, we'll eventually lose it. If we keep it at the heart of our national consciousness, we will remain the land of the free.

Uncle Sam and the Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize much about America today.