BREAKING NEWS: Biden Campaigning In Danville Tells Crowd They're In N.C.!

This just happened within the hour: Vice President Gaffe-a-Lot Joe Biden, campaigning in the Commonwealth in Danville, screamed to the crowd that "with you" he and he and President You-Didn't-Build-It Obama "will win North Carolina" and "the election." This is really funny since the cutline on the television screen notes "Danville, Virginia" which must have left thousands scratching their heads. What is it about Leftists seeking national office campaigning in Virginia? But as bad as Biden's recent gaffe is — see some of his greatest hits here — the insult likely will wipe out the inroads Democrats made in Southside and Southwest Virginia in 2008, with GOP ads coming faster than a NASCAR vehicle, there not as bad as his boss' "You didn't build it" remark two weeks ago in Roanoke.

UPDATE: Maybe not: Also coming to light is that Biden accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put black Americans "back in chains!" while patronizing Virginians with an affectation of a Southern drawl. Dispicable!

That all said, please note this: Just as with the Obamabots who screamed their approval in Roanoke and who showed an amazing inability to discern logic at another rally, the liberals who turned out in Danville didn't seem to notice, either. They screamed their approval of being in Biden's fantasy land of "Danville, North Carolina."

Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Danville, North Carolina Virginia this morning.


"Put y'all back in chains!" Oh, imagine the riots that would've started had a conservative made this comment.

The Obama campaign is saying it "has no problem" with this comment. It is saying it is out of context. So, whenever they insult or demean or lie or just say stupid things, the Left claims its "out of context." The Left is never responsible for anything, even when it's on tape (not surprisingly, since personal responsibility is not a tenant of liberalism) and often is saying what it really thinks because it believes rules of accountability do not apply to them.

But let's look at his campaign says Biden meant, that an Obama loss would mean a return to economic chains (never mind the key word "back" and the "Southern" drawl). Who has done more to put the iron clamp on economic prosperity than Barack Obama and Joe Biden? "The Food Stamp President" has created the largest class of dependency in American history: highest number of Americans at or below the poverty line in decades, a record number of Americans on food stamps, and he's gutted the landmark welfare reform by removing the work provision for recipients to receive checks. I documented the entire litany of more than two dozen economic lows under the Obama administration here.