"Equality NOT Tolerance"

One needs a translator to understand the Left. After all, in order to "transform" America into something Americans intuitively are against, it has to obfuscate its aims. That's why taxes become "contributions" (even though they are not voluntary), government spending becomes "investments" (although an investment is done with personal money to get a return, not someone else's money for a pet project), marriage's natural and instinctive understanding gets twisted into something unrecognizable, and family becomes any combination of people you want it to be. In a way, then, as disturbing as the video below is, it's nice to know some extreme leftist activists are being truthful.  They no longer are content to preach "tolerance" — while actually meaning intolerance toward those with whom they disagree and demonizing as "haters" those with different opinions. No, the people below have cut to the chase. They admit they don't want tolerance. They want "equality" (meaning special rights reserved unto themselves). They also equate prayer with "hate."

This video is courtesy of the National Organization of Marriage and was shot shot earlier this month outside a Chicago Chick-fil-A where a Catholic priest simply prayed the Rosary while the Gay Liberation Network spewed its vile against the restaurant chain. The protesters soon surrounded the priest and . . . well, you'll see the rest.

Prayer means hate, according to these extremists from the Gay Liberation Network. Who demonstrates hate in this video?