She Votes Bus Tour Brings Message To Virginia Women

She's conservative. She's confident. She's Christian. She votes! That very direct message was conveyed verbally and emblazoned emphatically on the Concerned Women for America "She Votes" Bus as its tour rolled throughout Virginia yesterday and today after finishing up its North Carolina leg earlier in the week. The tour emphasized the potential role conservative Christian women have in deciding the outcome of the 2012 election. Speakers included CWA CEO Penny Nance, Senator Steve Martin (R-11, Chesterfield) and Family Foundation Policy Analyst Jessica Cochrane. In addition to debunking many liberal myths about women and what the Left insists women do (or should) believe, CWA announced its extensive campaign plans to register, identify and turn out conservative Christian women voters for the November election. As Ms. Nance said, "Conservative Christian women are underrepresented in elections. We have to change that!"

Concerned Women for America is the largest women's advocacy organization in America — as one speaker said, "The one that likes men" — though it gets a fraction of the media attention of a certain left-wing women's group. Its "She Votes" campaign is a national effort in which anyone can participate, made convenient by a special web site that can track whether you or friends and family are registered to vote.

Amazingly, through its second-to-last-stop at the capitol in Richmond, the tour encountered no Leftist protesters. Did they all find jobs all of a sudden? Doubtful in this economy. More likely, it's because their crude tactics have been exposed. Ahhhh, the beauty of the digital age.

Speaking of the digital age, we don't have to rely on the Mainstream Media to report on these types of events anymore. So, in the comfort of your home (and not in the blazing heat for those of us who attended), you can see the event for yourself on the video below. In addition to the terrific speakers, a speaker provides information on how to get involved in "She Votes!"

"She's conservative. She's confident. She's Christian. She votes!" The bus almost says it all; it might add that they vote in large numbers and may determine the outcome of this November's election.