Which Philosophy Represents Personal Responsibility? Who Would You Rather Have Your Daughter Or Son Emulate?

Here's a story of two 30-year-old women. One is white. One is black. One is a conservative and lives in Utah. One is a liberal and lives in the D.C. area. Both have or will address the two major party conventions. One, by age 30, was married, had two children, teaches, is a homemaker, was elected to her city's city council, became mayor, and is a candidate for the House of Representatives. The other is still in college at a Catholic law school. One espouses American exceptionalism, where people can be and do anything they aspire to through initiative, hard work and freedom from an overbearing government. The other has become the darling of the Left for her speeches demanding the federal government force private and religious institutions to pay for her birth control as well as abortion on demand, even if it's against their faith. One, America just discovered. The media has fawned over the other for months now.

Which one represents personal responsibility and your values? Which one is an accomplished role model for your daughter or son to emulate? Which one thinks the government should make decisions for you, compromise the First Amendment by coercing religious institutions into complying with ideas contrary to their convictions, and make almost anything you define as essential, free? Who are these women and which philosophies do they represent?

Meet the dynamic conservative Mia Love.

 Reintroducing the far left wing, big government, you-must-pay-for-abortion-and-contraception-on-demand Sandra Fluke. How perfectly apt for what the diminished Left has become.