Worth The Wait: The 2012 GA Report

A little girl living in the city projects now has the opportunity to learn in a welcoming environment, chosen by her family, and conducive to her educational achievement. A baby is born because his mother chose life for him after viewing his picture in utero.

A married couple unable to have children receives an adopted child because their faith-based adoption agency is free to conduct its child placements without the fear of Big Brother intrusion.

A mother whose unborn child dies at the hands of a drunk driver is financially compensated for her immeasurable loss. A church is fairly reimbursed for lost access to its property when local government widens the highway on the edge of the church's property.

A life saved, a family gained, a church restored. Yes, this session was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

This is an exerpt from The Family Foundation's recently released 2012 General Assembly Report entitled Worth the Wait. Each year, The Family Foundation compiles a General Assembly report — essentially a storybook retelling of the past session along with Family Foundation commentary and insider information. Click here to view our General Assembly 2012 report online now.

Here are some key features of this year's report:

  • Embedded Videos: When you click on some of the pictures in the report, you will be redirected to specific YouTube videos where you will be able to view related footage of committee hearings, Family Foundation press conferences, rallies and more.
  • A Clickable Table of Contents: We realize this report is long and detailed as a result of a busy, grueling session! So that you can skip directly to the parts you are most interested in, we have included a clickable table of contents at the beginning of the report. Click on the section you are interested in reading and it will direct you to the corresponding part of the report.

We hope you enjoy our recounting of this past session.