Write The Caption Contest

Here's a picture taken last week of President Obama on the campaign trail. In a rare lack of diligence, his campaign let this image of The Chosen One, less his head but with ol' reliable 'prompter in its stead, out into the public domain. Very uncharacteristic of the heavy handed administration and its willing allies in the media to take anything other than a glorification image of the president, much less for something so lowly to get published. But it has and many would argue how appropriate: His inescapable companion, the teleprompter, appearing as a literal appendage to complement its figurative attachment, looking blank and in place of where thoughts normally emanate from humans. I normally caption all images I include in my blog posts. But I want your help for this one because not even the sky is the limit. Please leave your comments as to what you think the caption of this photo should be. Leave as many choices as you like. The possibilities are endless. The fun immense.