Pictures Of The Day: DNC Learns Plane Banners Don't Have Spell Check

Activists, pundits, academics, media and elitists on the Left (redundant, I know), and their favorite politicians have no hesitation to smugly and condescendingly caricature Christians and conservatives as ignorant, uneducated, mind-numbed, simple, unable to comprehend complex issues, and generally unwashed. The rich irony: so many of these types willingly admit they get their information from Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. So quick to blow up headlines over a simply mis-phrased clause in a sentence by a conservative while ignoring the president's claim that "The private sector is doing fine" or that small business owners "didn't build that," the media and other left-wing institutions abound in hypocrisy. Which makes the mistakes by the Left even funnier. Take, for example, President Obama's campaign in Ohio (or supporters thereof). While the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned in Ohio a few days before the GOP convention, Democrat operatives rented a plane to fly over the Romney-Ryan rally with a tail banner. The operatives proudly professed it to the media as a snarky counter attack.

The problem? Simple grammar. See the picture below. Instead of the word "than" they used "then" and still considered their tactic nothing less than brilliant (see The Blaze).

 If at first you have no message and your grammar is incorrect . . .

Undeterred, the Democrat National Committee decided to rent another plane and make another banner to fly over Tampa during the Republican National Convention. A DNC spokesman proudly tweeted about it. Yet, he found out the hard way, again, that plane banners don't have spell checkers: instead of the appropriate plural "women" it used the singular "woman" (The Blaze has more).

Make another grammar mistake for millions to see while still belittling conservatives as dim.