The New Puritans

The Left tries to caricature conservatives as those who want to take away liberties, freedoms and rights. They accuse conservatives, especially Christians, of "forcing your religion on us" and of wanting to instill a Puritanical government. It seems to escape them that their secularism is every bit as much of a religion as Christianity; intolerance of those with whom they disagree and a willingness to punish them, their commandments; and abortion their sacrament. It's a typical tactic of the Left: Accuse your opponents of that which you yourself do. Whether it's forcing people to buy a product or to attend a certain school or even denying people the right to eat what they want, the Left proves times and time again that its goal is a less free America. It proves the axiom, "More government, less freedom." The Left hangs its libertarian hat on "choice" — until you press them, that is. It turns out its idea of choice is the freedom to abort unborn children. The Left's idea of "free to choose" isn't what Milton Friedman had in mind. Proving all this is the video below, a sampling of delegates to the Democrat National Convention by Reason, mind you, isn't exactly pro-life. But it recognizes the all-encompassing, Big Government, control freak nature of the Left. Watch the truly New Puritans explain their definition of liberty.

Not exactly free to choose: No to school choice, no to eating what you want, but yes to the government telling you how, what and when to do everything.  But they still support "choice."