The Official Word

By the way, speaking of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli certifying the new abortion center regulations earlier today, here's an interesting note: Readers may notice that we refer to the places where abortions take place as "abortion centers." The abortion industry and their supporters in the Mainstream Media for decades have softened up the image of these grisly places by referring to them as "clinics." So much so, unfortunately, that the phrase has seeped into the every day lexicon of the general public. We long ago tried to change the terminology because "clinics" are places people go to get well. Many pro-life organizations and individuals have picked up on this and now also refer to them as "centers." More and more people and new media outlets also have changed their phrasing. Anything but "clinics." It was gratifying, then, to see that the State Board of Health agrees. In its official terminology, on materials distributed to media and board members, it refers to such places as "facilities," just as it was reflected in the attorney general's memo and news release in the previous post.

At the well publicized Board of Health meeting two weeks ago, a spokesperson for the department said it another way when I asked her about it, but the premise was the same: Since these places do not treat people for sickness or injury, they are not referred to as "clinics," but rather as "facilities." Still, the Mainstream Media, which proclaims no bias or agenda, but objective reporting, swallows the abortion industry language in order to provide a false impression of what goes on at these centers — and not the official medical branding of these facilities.

What has been the refrain from the pro-abortion side throughout this entire debate? "Stick with the medicine"? Thank you. We are.