Bullying Women

We’ve all heard about the secular left’s media contrived ‘war on women,’ a lie that most women are starting to see through as evidenced by the rapidly closing ‘gender gap’ seen in recent presidential polling.  What you probably haven’t heard about, at least from the liberal’s feminist establishment, is anything about the actual attacks taking place on women simply because of their beliefs. Two such examples of this are being generally ignored by the media.  One in Maryland, where homosexual marriage radicals forced the publication of the names of people who signed petitions supporting placing a marriage amendment on the ballot so they could bully and intimidate the signers.  In recent days, Dr. Angela McCaskill was forced out of her job at Gallaudet University, a place she called home for 23 years, simply for exercising her right as an American citizen and signing the petition.  Since being fired, she has also been the target of threats and intimidation by the oh-so tolerant homosexual marriage movement.

In Iowa, Teresa Wagner, who had multiple offers to teach law at other universities, chose to return to her alma mater, the University of Iowa, where she was working as a part time associate director of legal writing.  With excellent reviews from her students and colleagues, she applied for a full-time teaching position, but was rejected in favor of someone not simply less qualified, but someone who “had never practiced law, had no legal publications, and had no prior successful teaching experience.”  The reason Ms. Wagner was rejected – while working for the pro-family, pro-life Family Research Council, she worked on behalf of the unborn – an unforgivable crime in the eyes of the secular left that dominate the academic world in our nation.  Wagner is suing the university on the basis of discrimination.

The message is simple: the left is all about women, as long as those women are pro-same-sex marriage, pro-abortion-on-demand, pro-taxpayer funding of contraception and abortion inducing drugs and anti-Christian.  Any others need not apply.

There was a day when an otherwise completely qualified woman being fired from her job or denied a job simply for political activity would have sent the feminist movement into absolute hysteria – and rightfully so.  Not anymore.  Now, it’s justified if that political involvement is contrary to the secular left’s totalitarianism.

So when you hear about the so-called ‘war on women,’ remember that it’s people like Dr. McCaskill and Teresa Wagner who are the real victims, not college women who want you to foot the bill for their birth control through ObamaCare.  It’s women who have lost their jobs or been intimidated because of their beliefs.  That should have all of us outraged.