Democrats: All In On Abortion

Here’s a preview of November 7's headlines:

If President Obama wins, the story will be of how brilliant their pro-abortion strategy was, how Virginia is pro-abortion, and how pro-life conservatives need to close up shop and go elsewhere because this election proved that Virginia (and America) is pro-abortion.

But if President Obama loses, the storyline will be that this election was all about the economy.  There might be a tiny admission somewhere by an honest journalist that the Democratic Party hung their hat on the abortion issue and lost, but this will not be the overwhelming story repeated again and again on network channels.  So before the media puts its spin on it, take an honest look at what the Democrat Party’s approach has been this election season.

It’s risky.  The Democratic Party has introduced a brand new strategy – one that hasn’t been tried, or at least, not to these proportions.  The strategy is … all in on abortion.  No wishy-washy commitments, no excuses, no exceptions.

David Nather and Charles Mahtesian describe this strategy in a recent Politico article, “The airwaves are ­choked with messaging about women’s reproductive health.  Abortion rights advocates had prime speaking roles at the Democratic convention.  Contraception advocate Sandra Fluke is a prominent campaign trail surrogate.  Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood, recently introduced President Barack Obama at a Virginia campaign rally.”

RH Reality Check blogger Jessica DelBalzo expresses the sentiment of the extreme base to which the Democratic Party is catering when she writes, ‘I love abortion … “Make abortion safe, legal, and rare!” has been used for decades as a call for abortion rights … Safe and legal are concepts I fully support, but rare is something I cannot … there is no need to suggest that abortion be rare.  To say so implies a value judgement [sic], promoting the idea that abortion is somehow distasteful...’

President Obama’s “all in on abortion” strategy may play well with his extreme base, but what about the rest of America?  Gallup’s most recent poll shows 50% of respondents are pro-life and 41% are pro-choice.  In Gallup’s history, this is the lowest pro-choice percentage ever.  And last time I checked, 41% doesn’t win anyone an election.

Even more interesting, recent polling shows that 34% of Democrats consider themselves pro-life.  Taking the risk of alienating general populace pro-lifers – that’s dangerous; but risking one-third of your party – that’s ludicrous.  But that’s exactly what Democrats have decided to do this election cycle.  They’re counting on two-thirds of their base plus a couple of independents here and there to push them over the line.

This is an election circled around the issue of abortion.  The line is drawn in the sand – there is no need for clarification on the candidates’ distinctions on the abortion issue.  President Obama has made a play to his base, which wants abortion on demand.  And should the extreme left turn out as he hopes, he may have pleased his base, but he will have completely alienated the majority of America.