Voting Registration Deadline Is Monday!

With this election being one of the most important in our lifetimes, it is imperative that Christians register to vote, make an informed decision, then cast their ballots on November 6 — just as any other demographic group. We should not be left out of participating in our representative democracy while others are mobilizing. It is our Christian duty to fully participate in our country's future. While Election Day is a little less than a month away, the deadline to register to vote is quickly coming upon us. If you are not registered to vote, or know of people who are not — members of your church, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors — use and share this information. Too much is at stake in this election. Know the issues. Educate others. Register to vote and cast your ballot!

The voter registration deadline in Virginia is this Monday, October 15. If you haven’t already done so, register to vote today! If your friends, family, and neighbors haven’t yet registered and are eligible, let them know that they only have a few days before the deadline! It's simple:

To register to vote, visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website or go by your local registrar's office, public library or DMV to pick up a voter registration form.

In fact, this Sunday at your church service may be a good time to remind friends how to register and vote. You can forward them this link via e-mail or spread it around on your social media sites. But please be sure to register to vote, then cast your ballot. If you are not available to vote on November 6, you can vote in advance. For the time being, though, be sure to register to vote. Then examine the candidates for all offices: President, U.S. Senate, House of Representative, and any local offices that may be on the ballot in your city, county or town, as well as the all important ratification vote to secure your property rights from eminent domain in the Virginia Constitution. Learn which candidates that will take responsibility for the issues that face our nation today and who will best reflect your foundational Judeo-Christian principles.