"Governor Ultrasound" Actually Has Whopping Support From Women

Remember last February? It was the opening shot in the so-called "War on Women" (although this woman looks to be the only who ready for war). As the Virginia and national Mainstream Media portrayed it, the General Assembly's ultrasound bill was as portentious and resounding as the first shot at Fort Sumpter, fired by the last Virginian to start a war, Edmund Ruffin.

Liberals, progressives, comedians, prominent Democrats, Planned Parenthood and NARAL types — various and sundry leftists — dubbed Governor Bob McDonnell, "Governor Ultrasound." After a historic national election, where the "War" was carried to the airwaves, social media, mailboxes, front doors and beyond, and where the President Obama again carried Virginia, though by a small margin, one would think Governor McDonnell's image would have taken a beating. Especially among women.

After all, he was the poster boy in the "War" and an energetic and very visible campaigner for the Republican ticket in a hotly contested battleground state. Think again. A Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday (see Norfolk Virginian-Pilot) shows that Governor McDonnell has a 53 percent approval rating, with only 26 percent disapproval. Not only that, his favorable rating among women is nearly 2-1 (48-26), and he does have a 2-1 job approval rating with young voters, another demographic  supposedly in angst over "abortion rights."

From the Quinnipiac news release:

Virginia voters, including women and young voters, give Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, a 53 - 26 percent job approval rating, one of the highest scores in any of the seven states surveyed by Quinnipiac University, according to a poll released today.

Women approve of Gov. McDonnell 48 - 26 percent, while men approve 59 - 27 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University survey finds. White voters approve 58 - 25 percent while black voters approve 41 - 32 percent.

Voters 18 to 34 years old approve 48 - 24 percent.

The only group that disapproves is Democrats, by a fairly narrow 43 - 34 percent.

"As Gov. Bob McDonnell enters his final year in office, he remains one of the nation's more popular chief state executives," said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "He is the only Republican office-holder in the seven states surveyed by Quinnipiac University who get positive ratings from women, almost 2-1 in this case, and a plus score from black voters. A 2-1 approval rating among young voters doesn't hurt."

About 80 percent of that other "Wah" (as my Southern Lit professor pronounced it) was fought in the Old Dominion. That was real. This phony war may have started here. But it didn't last.