Reminder . . . GO VOTE! Then, Participate In Our Open Thread

As if you needed one. But remember, polls close at 7:00 p.m. in Virginia. Don't chance a thing. If you have not voted yet, take traffic, your work schedule, any errands you must do and, possibly, long lines into account, and arrive in plenty of time. (If you need to learn where your polling place is, visit

Also, remember: The Family Foundation Action supports Question 1 and Question 2, state constitutional amendments to limit the government's power of eminent domain and to allow the General Assembly to reschedule its annual one day "Veto Session" when it conflicts with a religious holiday, respectively. Please spread the word about these amendments. The more people know about them, the more they favor them. Share the posts linked above. There's still time.

As if you need any reason to vote, and make that last hours push to get others to the polls, perhaps this will get you to boil:

Then, once you are done voting, and taking a break from contacting others to vote, let us know about your election day experience. How's turnout in your area? Were the partisans polite or punchy? What are your predictions for Virginia and the nation? Did you meet a candidate at your precinct? Anyone of note stop by your volunteer office? We'd love to know what you're experiencing today. Leave your comments here or at our Facebook page or tweet us at #TFFOpenThread.

The politicians have done all the talking for months. But now, the floor is yours!

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