Governor McDonnell Advances Abortion Center Standards

On Friday, Governor Bob McDonnell advanced abortion center health safety standards in the regulatory process. The standards, passed by the Virginia Board of Health in September, will now go through a 60 day public comment period. After that, the Board will vote again, likely in March, before the standards go back through more review. Currently, emergency health and safety standards similar to the final permanent standards are in effect.

We will soon be asking you to join in the public comment period to ensure that the voice of pro-life Virginians is heard loud and clear!

Earlier this year, The Family Foundation examined inspection documents obtained from the Department of Health through the Freedom of Information Act that found over 80 health and safety violations in just nine of Virginia’s 20 abortion centers. The violations included bloody examination tables, unsterilized and outdated medical equipment, untrained staff and more. The abortion centers have received licensing under condition of correcting all the violations found.

While focusing on the construction standards included in the health and safety standards, the media has almost completely ignored the blood stained and unsterilized equipment, along with all the other health and safety violations. The construction standards are necessary to improve access for emergency personnel and equipment when medical emergencies take place, but the rest of the standards are basic to any medical facility that puts its patients ahead of its profits.

With the discovery of dozens of health and safety violations through the initial announced inspections of abortion centers, the need for these standards became even clearer. The billion dollar abortion industry simply cannot be trusted to put patient safety ahead of profit. While the regulatory process isn’t complete, the steps taken to this point have made Virginia’s abortion centers a little safer for the women facing unplanned pregnancies who make the unfortunate decision to end the life of their unborn child. We thank Governor McDonnell for this reasonable decision.