Meet Dan Savage: Bully In Chief

When the hard core, secular left tries to advance its agenda, it often resorts to demonizing Christians in order to distract from its agenda and its tactics. Accusing others of what you actually do puts them on the defensive, allowing the accuser to skate while the accused is busy fending off character attacks. One of the best at this is a guy by the name of Dan Savage, who routinely uses four letter words in describing Christians and wishes early death upon those who think differently than he. While he accuses conservatives of "bullying," no one does it better than Savage, whose nasty repertoire includes, but limited to, vile and vulgar language, misleading and misrepresenting conservative positions and values, redefining institutions, tarnishing reputations, and who never finds a tactic low enough to hurt others while "entertaining" with shock.

Of course, anyone defending him or herself against Savage's assaults is deemed as "mean" by leftists, while, Savage has no qualms denying he hates anyone. It's all documented in his video by FRC Action. Oh, by the way, President Barack Obama endorses his work. Refreshing, isn't?

The Commander-In-Chief's endorsement of this behavior must qualify Dan Savage as Bully-In-Chief.