Parental Rights Bill In Full House Committee Monday!

Early Wednesday evening, a House Courts of Justice sub-committee voted to amend and report HB 1642, the "Parents Rights Bill" to the full committee, which will vote Monday whether to send it to the House floor. The bill, patroned by Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96, Yorktown), declares it a fundamental right for parents' to raise, educate and care for their children.

If your delegate is on the House Courts of Justice Committee, please contact him or her and urge a YES vote on HB 1642! (Click here for committee members and links that will take you to their contact pages.)

This legislation is significant because courts give special deference to "fundamental rights." This is a small step, but an important policy statement for the Commonwealth of Virginia to enshrine in its code. Predictably, government bureaucrats, especially the public education establishment and public college and university officials, oppose this bill. One newspaper editorial even claimed the bill would "usurp authority" from educators. EXACTLY! Authority for children resides with parents, solely, except in very certain abusive circumstances. Public education for years has incrementally succeeded in replacing parental guidance and moved toward a system where they impart big government's values in the place of the family values on which children are raised. By their opposition, the bureaucrats are admitting their goal is to insert themselves between students and their parents. In Virginia, it's time to draw the line and reassert Foundational Principles, such as the fundamental right of parents to raise their children; that we no longer are willing to cede that sacred responsibility to cold, faceless, often agenda-driven government-run institutions. Say no to the government getting between you and your children by urging a YES vote on HB 1642.