“We're Gonna F%^# With Victoria Cobb”

The vulgarity and complete lack of dignity and respect of the secular left in Richmond continues to break new barriers of basic human decency. Today, we learned that pro-abortion and secular left organizations are going to protest the non-partisan Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, one of the most respected and honorable annual events in the capital city. But such hostility toward, and lack of respect for, people of faith is a common theme for these groups and their leaders. In an e-mail alert one such group promises to protest the attendance of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli at the breakfast because, in its words:

We all know nothing spoils a woman-hater's breakfast like women fighting back.

"Women-hater's breakfast"? Apparently, they are unaware that past participants in the breakfast program include such "women-haters" as former governors and current U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. In fact, the breakfast program is dotted with elected officials from each political party with a room of nearly 1,500 people from a wide variety of religious backgrounds.

We also learned that a local abortion center operator posted on her Facebook page, for those who can't make the protest:

I know you all can make it! 7am! Also, we're gonna f--- [our edit] with Victoria Cobb a bit afterwards.

The lack of class shown by so many who claim to be protecting and honoring women's rights is embarrassing. Their words, their actions, and their policies betray everything it means to be a woman.

They plan to protest our Virginia Stands for Life Rally and Prayer Walk, which will take place immediately following the Prayer Breakfast. We will, of course, continue with our plans. As a group, we will respond to their vulgarity, lack of decency and hatred with compassion, love, respect for their rights of free speech and, of course, prayer. If you plan to attend the prayer walk and rally, we urge you to keep your distance from the protestors and show them the compassion and love we know that Christ would show. Please be aware that appropriate law enforcement agencies have been notified so there is no need to worry about security.

We also call on political leaders who support these organizations and their mission of abortion on demand to urge them to have some respect for the attendees of the prayer breakfast. To stay silent in the face of this kind of hateful vulgarity is a tacit endorsement of their actions.

We challenge the Richmond media to show this side of the radical secular left with whom they have become so enamored. Just recently, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Style Weekly again hailed as heroes some of the same people who have made hateful, vulgar rhetorical attacks on legislators and people of faith, while ignoring positive, pro-life rallies. The media's lack of balance is not surprising, but here's another opportunity for them to report the truth.

Then again, maybe the only way Virginians will ever see these organizations for what they are — hateful and vulgar — is for them to protest one of the most time-honored events in Richmond. We doubt very much that they'll see the truth in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

If you haven't yet registered for the Virginia Stands for Life Rally and Prayer Walk please do so today by clicking here! We need everyone to come to Richmond to stand with us and stand for life!