40 Days For Life: Truly Helping Women In Need

Abby Johnson has dedicated her life to helping women in need. For many years, she thought being a part of Planned Parenthood was an excellent way to accomplish this. She even became the director of a Planned Parenthood center in Texas when the 40 Days for Life campaign knocked on her center's door and changed her life forever. Now, she has joined 40 Days for Life and truly is helping women in need by traveling the world telling her story and advocating for the pro-life cause (see ABCNews.com). You, too, can become a part of the movement that is changing hearts and minds everywhere. February 13 will mark the beginning of the first 40 Days for Life campaign for 2013. This pro-life initiative has united Christians across the globe to fight against the idea that abortion is a morally acceptable choice for pregnant women. In the past, 40 Days for Life has affected the lives of thousands. Nearly 6,749 children have been spared from undergoing an abortion. Twenty-six abortion facilities have completely shut down (including one in January, before this year's campaign even began) and 76 abortion workers, including Abby, have walked away from the abortion industry following 40 Days for Life events. But none of these remarkable results would be possible without God.

The core of the 40 Days for Life movement is prayer. It, as well as  The Family Foundation, believe that without involving the Giver of Life, the fight against abortion will be hopeless. Peaceful prayer vigils that take place outside of abortion centers are the most important part of the 40 day campaign. The organization pulls from the many Biblical accounts in which God used a 40 day period to encourage transformative change in His people. Volunteers will also participate in fasting and community outreach.

Being a part of 40 Days of Life is a simple, yet effective way, to help fight for every child's most fundamental right. There are nine different locations across Virginia with which you can get involved (click here and scroll to Virginia). At each location, multiple events will be held so there will be plenty of opportunities to be a part of this movement.

A woman considering an abortion truly is a woman in need. Prayer and Godly counseling truly helps women in such a circumstance. Join with us to support 40 Days for Life and to continue shedding light on the tragedy of abortion.