If You Missed The Virginia Stands For Life Gathering, You Missed Ryan Bomberger

One of the great moments of an immensely great day four weeks ago, on the first day of the 2013 Virginia General Assembly, was Ryan Bomberger's speech at the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering. If you missed it, you, unfortunately, missed him. If you ever get the chance to see or hear him, it is a must. His personal story is compelling and his rhetorical defense of the unborn is unparalleled (see the impact his organizations, The Radiance Foundation and TooManyAborted.com, are having on changing the debate toward a pro-life culture in Virginia and nationally). For example, view this interview on msnbc the day after the national Walk For Life in Washington, D.C., last week. The pro-abortion interviewer thought he could stagger him, but he was no match for Bomberger.

msnbc claims to "lean forward" but Ryan Bomberger knocked it back a peg last week.