Life: What A Beautiful Choice

One thing conservatives can acknowledge about the Left is that it has taken the lead — a large one — in communicating its message in the digital age. While the conservative movement is closing the gap, it's instructive to know that it wasn't always that way and to know that even in this high-tech culture it's still not how the message is delivered (and the accompanying glitz) but the what of the message that counts. After all the evolution in communications, it's the simple, concise truth that always has and always will resonate. It says something that we've forgotten the importance of the message for the sake of how it is disseminated. When you see the video below, from the early 1990s, you have to wonder why and how conservatives ever got away from conveying the plain truth. It's simplicity slices through the distortions and hysteria of the Left. As old as this ad is, imagine if it was around during last year's ultrasound debate.

Compare this uplifting message to the hysterics of the pro-abortion protesters last year over the ultrasound bill. It's not even close as to which one would carry the day.