Quote Of The Day: Aunt Esther Speaks Again

As I wrote yesterday, as entertaining as General Assembly committees and floor sessions can be, the media quotes and social media output from members can be every bit as noteworthy. That was the case last week when the Aunt Esther of Virginia politics spoke up to the Washington Post about the session's most contentious issue. Senator Louise Lucas (D-18, Portsmouth) got wind that some House colleagues in the Legislative Black Caucus were considering supporting the Senate Republican redistricting amendment to the House's technical amendments bill that was supposed to iron out only certain deficiencies in the most recently redrawn legislative districts. She proceeded to verbally whip her wayward friends back in line just as Aunt Esther would hammer Fred Sanford with her Bible after one of his acid-tongued insults. After all, we can't have independent thinking in the LBC.

Said the senator to the Post, in true Aunt Esther flamboyance, figurative Bible raised, ready to slam down on unsuspecting heads:

I’m hot as a pot of fish grease about this. I’m hoping that they’re not going to be so naive as to bite that bait.

As it turned out, the amendment was scuttled yesterday in the House when Speaker Bill Howell ruled it non-germane to the underlying bill. Whether or not that action actually brings "peace in the valley" is another question. But we know, for the time being, Senator Lucas is feeling much better.